I’ve spent my whole life involved in image capture. Having grown up in a photography family business means producing good quality images is of the utmost importance. I did my first wedding video when I was 15 years of age. Now at 41 and probably thousands of weddings later I feel I have developed a consistency in both the style and quality of the work I produce. I have a BA(hons) Degree in media and communications and have worked professionally as an editor and motion graphic designer. I am now back doing what I feel is my forte , wedding film.

How I approach your special day…

I realise this day is about you and your partner, not me.

I try not to be too obtrusive on the day by using professional photo cameras to record video. From my point of view these cameras are quite refreshing to use. The results are amazing. One of the reasons I use these cameras to film weddings is that people in the public do not actually know that I am recording video with them. So they tend not to be put off by my presence. Years ago there was a need for a big shoulder camera with a strong light. Now I don’t need  any light and fly under the radar. The footage is amazing due to both the technical aspects of these cameras (sensor size) and the fact that people behave normally when I’m around.

When speaking to past couples about how I approached their day they told me they didn’t feel in any way intimidated by my presence and even though they knew I was shooting video it didn’t seem to feel like that.

My entire aim all day is to let the day flow as it would if I wasn’t there and produce a product that captures the day and tells the story the way you would want it to be told. It has taken me a long time to get to this stage in my career where I can achieve both of these objectives at the same time.