Pricelist 2024

Your wedding will be shot using two discreet 4k cinema style cameras, cinematic lenses, and professional audio recording devices. It will be edited carefully and time will be spent in editing to determine the correct angle is chosen at the perfect time. I pride myself on recognising when people are looking their best and I only show people in their very best light.

Package details – Price €2400

My main package is a detailed and creative film approximately 12-14 minutes in length, accompanied by seperate recordings of the ceremony, speeches, Greeting Line & Dancing.

The film is divided into two main segments. The Wedding story and the Love Story. The Wedding Story tells the story of the day, the fun ,the excitement and the happiness of the occasion. It predominantly features family and guests. The Love Story concludes the film. Here is a breakdown of the coverage gathered to make the film.

  • The morning preparations at the house/venue of the wedding, you walking up the isle to meet your partner. I use the wedding vows in the film. I also use the signing of register, walking down the isle and some shots from the Greeting line, some shots from the family photo session, Guests socialising, Wedding party shots & you both walking into your function room and having your first dance together.  I conclude with the Love Story. It involves creative shots of both of you together that I gather on the day combined with other shots from the day to tell your love story. The concluding piece is a thoughtful and bespoke segment that centres on you and your partner. I draw on the strengths of the day to tell the story. Some dialogue from the speeches may or may not be used.  The main point of this ending piece is that it focuses on you as a couple and your love, and I use only my best material gathered to do so. Here is an example of how the film closes out …
Leigh & Shane

Also included in the package on seperate files : 

  • The Ceremony –  filmed using 2 cameras and professional audio recorders.
    Key areas of Ceremony coverage are  walking up Aisle, lighting of candles, Priests sermon, readings, wedding vows, lighting of centre candle, prayers of the faithful, bringing up of gifts, communion, communion reflection (Religious Ceremony is approximately 30 minutes after editing.
  • The Greeting Line
  • The speeches – recorded with 2 cameras. 
    The first dance & first 20 minutes of the dancing. 
Available addons-
  • Drone use : I consider the drone a tool just like any other lens or camera. If it suits to use it on the day I do use it. If it doesn’t suit due to weather or location regulations it doesn’t get used. I don’t charge extra for drone use.

Partners Morning Prep. If both partners are getting ready at the same location I cover both preparations at no extra charge. If you are both getting ready in separate locations I can offer a visit to your partner’s house to cover those preparations prior to calling to your house. This is usually done earlier in the morning, approximately 3 hrs before wedding time. The additional morning prep footage is then used within the story to give a more equally balanced account of the day. Price €250

1 Minute Instagram Story. A creative teaser delivered within a few days of the wedding. Price €200  Click here to see my 1 minute Instagram Samples

  • A travel fee may apply. Please inquire.
  • Please Note : Wedding date is not secured until booking fee is paid. Dates are only held on a provisional basis for 7 days. In the case of a date being held on provisional basis and a second inquiry coming in for that date, the couple that made the original inquiry will be notified. The date will be given to the first couple to pay the booking fee. 
  • Wedding is provided by digital delivery in 4k on a password secured site
  • All prices include VAT